Our Background

For three generations, the name Evers food ingredients is a guarantee for top performance and products in the food industry in Germany. It all started back with the production of cocoa powder in different varieties and custom blends. Later premixes with mainly cocoa powders as a base were added for the bakery, dairy and ice cream segment.

The subtle difference

Quality and service first class mean for us a vocation and passion. Every day. In a time where the growing variety of products, the uniqueness counts even more. Quality as a differentiator is a good start. At Evers food ingredients, passion is added to this. Passion can be felt. Our employees make us what we are. Their passion is the key to our success. Passion goes hand in hand with pride, we believe that our clients both buy with any of our products. 


Passion guides us on our way to the top and helps us to attract new customers. All our products have a soul. They are the product of passion and perfection. We do it with our heart..

Acting sustainably, improving perspective

Evers food ingredients will consistently work make our own products more environmentally and socially sound. Substainable products must be purchased to take effect. However, many customers do not yet have the necessary information to make their own purchasing behavior environmentally and socially responsible.


For us it is therefore to inform our customers and end users. We want to make clear to our customers that sustainability is an essential element of product quality. In this way we are not only improving our future perspective but also your future perspective..


We therefore can offer you Organic and/or UTZ Certified cocoa powder.

EKA Cacao is a brand of the Evers food ingredients company.

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