Defatted cocoa powder

With EKA cocoa powder ND we bring purity back to life. EKA cocoa powder ND is our new natural cocoa powder with a cocoa butter content of less than 1%. An ideal cocoa powder for food recipes in which low fat content plays an important role. For example protein powders and cereal bars.


This cocoa powder keeps the total amount of calories in your products to an absolute minimum, but it is not only used if you have an appetite for reduction, it offers more advantages we would like you to know.


Increase in stability

The stability of protein-based foam increases due to the low fat content. Think of applications like nougat, merengue or cappuccino milk foam.


Improved solubility

Regular cocoa powders with fat contents of 10/12% or 20/22% are not very soluble. Remember as a kid, when you spooned cocoa powder into a glass of cold milk, no matter how hard you stirred, the cocoa powder just floated on the surface. With a fat content of less than 1%, EKA cocoa powder ND dissolves quicker and better in a wet application.  


More dark color

A positive effect of less cocoa butter fat, means also a more intensive dark color. The extrinsic color of EKA cocoa powder ND is medium dark brown. So with a lower dose you get the same color.


100% natural

EKA cocoa powder ND is a natural cocoa powder. It is not washed with a potassium carbonate solution. Also called as “alkalized” or “Dutch process” cocoa powder. EKA cocoa powder ND is 100%  natural. It is your new clean  label!


Reduced lumps & advanced flowability

Low and high fat cocoa powder can cause your powdered food to become clumpy and difficult to use.  EKA cocoa powder ND with a fat content of less than 1% is less susceptible to lumping and is more free flowing. Therefore, this powder is for example better suited for products like vending mixes, dessert mixes and/or household portion packs.


Natural Defatted 10/12%

This full bodied, organic cocoa powder has a cocoa butter content of 10 to 12% to provide a nice cocoa flavour. It has a pH value of 5,5.




Packaging: 25 kg